Room To Bloom Early Education and Care Center

132 Holden Street
01606 Worcester, MA
Phone Number: 
(508) 459-1261
Open Year Round
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Tuesday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Wednesday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Thursday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am-6:00 pm
Saturday: Closed
Year Founded: 
Beth Adelman
Agency Information
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Toddler Rates: 
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Preschool Rates: 
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Teacher to Child Ratio: 

Great Teacher to Child Ratios: Infants three babies / one full time teacher and one part time teacher. There is a floating teacher available after 9:30. Transition Room (ages 12mo.-24 mos.)  Six children to two full time teachers.  Toddler Older grouping (24 mo. – 33 mo.) four children to one teacher. Preschool (ages 3yrs. & 4yrs.-5yrs) Depending on the demographics. Ten children to two teachers.

Childcare Agency of the Month Questions

Congratulations to Room to Bloom Early Education and Care Center!  They are Early Childhood Central's Child Care Agency of the Month for October.  We talked with Terry Wentworth, Director, about her child care agency where children are nurtured in a small setting while receiving a stimulating curriculum.    

What do you want the children in your care to gain while in your program?: 

It is our purpose to offer stimulating curriculum in a warm and nurturing environment. Through developmentally appropriate practices, children will acquire the ability to solve problems independently, resolve conflicts among their peers, and develop autonomy. We attempt to enrich children’s social and emotional growth as well as their cognitive development, preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

What sets your Agency apart from the other area Agencies?: 

We are a small child care center in a warm, welcoming, clean setting with very low teacher to child ratios. We have working owners and a director who are involved with the families personally. Parents have our director’s cell phone number which gives them access to her at any time for any reason.

Do you have the resources to accept special needs children?: 

We have limited resources but do accept special needs children.

What is your Agency’s educational philosophy?: 

Preparing children to contribute equally and respectfully in their classroom environment helps develop a working community. Children begin learning social skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and conflict resolution techniques in an environment open to guidance and teachable moments. Children acquire independence and leadership skills playing and working with their peers in a classroom that works as a community. Every child is guided to act in a responsible and respectful manner. It is our hope that children at Room to Bloom will leave having learned not only their ABC’s and 123’s but also the ability to make the appropriate choices and actions that life demands of them.

Have you had an “aha” moment with a child and/or a surprising result from the use of a classroom activity?: 

“Aha” moment oh yes! The most recent and one of many was with my Toddler Teacher. I just recently purchased a train set for children two and up with magnetic ends for connecting. She comes to me and says,” I don’t care what the box says. These are too hard for the children to use. They can’t connect them.” I’m thinking to myself, “How hard can it be? They are magnets.” I went to the Toddler Room to observe the children playing with the train set.  Within two minutes one of the boys (23months old) threw the train in frustration. He was trying to connect two engines together. I asked him what the problem is and he handed me the two engines and said put them together. I showed him by turning one of the engines around that it would connect. I said “if it doesn’t connect, turn it around.” He got it. He was connecting all the trains with no problem. I only showed him once!!!!!! The teacher turned to me and said, “I didn’t know they worked like that. AHA! No wonder the children are getting frustrated!”

Is there anything else about your Agency that you would like to be mentioned?: 

Room to Bloom opened August of 2010.  We accept infants 3 weeks through children Pre-K (age 5).